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Architectural Build

Bring us your plans and specifications and Fenway Homes by Design will build to the exact requirements without compromise and impact to your final cost. We also offer effective cost management when considering your design and specification and offer ways you can improve the look of your new home.


Design & Build

Every new home builder likes to add their own touch to their new home, be it the overall layout or something as simple as tile or carpet selections. With a network of qualified Architects and Draftpersons available, we can help you design your new home to your satisfaction. You bring your ideas to us, and we make it become a reality.


Project Management

Fenway Homes by Design have extensive knowledge and experience in project management. If a Client wishes to be able to control the cost and construction of the building works, but requires advice and expertise in this process, Fenway can help you.


This service aims to take away the stress of building or engaging contractors that will ultimately ensure a smooth path for completion of your home.



Want to know how much your home will cost? Put a drawing in front of us and we will provide a detailed tender submission outlining the costs and an inclusions list unprecedented in the domestic home market. We provide a fixed lump sum in our price submission so you know there are no additional hidden costs.


Value Engineering

This service helps clients understand alternatives in both building and product selection to ensure you are able to make an informed decision on your new home. By providing a cost budget from a simple sketch plan, we can help you ascertain how much your new home is likely to cost before you decide to proceed.